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Some people have questions regarding the mystery behind just how water flows through the plumbing pipes, hot and cold, sometimes creating clogs and lacking in sufficient pressure to meet the requirements of homeowners. Many want to know how to repair such things as clogs, drips and overflows, and some simply want to know how everything works. Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

Why does the water get hotter or colder in the shower when the toilet is flushed?

Without getting into too much technical jargon, plumbing codes regulate exactly how many water lines are to be used to carry water to a certain amount of fixtures. This allows a plumbing service to use the same pipe to carry cold water to the shower and toilet. So, even though water pressure is changed to make the right balance of hot and cold at the start of a shower, when the toilet is flushed without having a separate cold water pipe, the sudden drawing of water to refill the toilet causes a reduction in the cold flow which the shower is drawing on; however, in most cases it doesn’t decrease the hot.

Why does the toilet keep going?

The is the most common question asked. The reason is the flap at the bottom of a tank isn’t closing properly. Take off the top of the tank, and then flush the toilet and inspect the rubber flap. Is it completely closed? If this is not happening, and even though water is still coming into the tank, some of it is coming out via the flap, and therefore, the water will carry on running because the float ball mechanism is not activated to stop the flow due to the fact that water never fills up to the fill line, which is why jiggling the handle will stop it running. This is attached to the rubber flap using a chain, and jiggling it repositions the flap, so it will seal more securely.

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