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How Does Cold Water Affect Residential Plumbing

When to Call an Emergency Service Plumber

Winter and cold weather usually have a negative effect on your piping system and can cause a lot of major damage if you do not take action on time. This article will introduce you to how cold temperatures can affect your pipes. You will learn what to do if your pipes have already started freezing, and how you can prevent that from happening in the future with the help of a service plumber.

Burst Pipes. Water has the habit of expanding when it freezes. That is why, when a pipe starts freezing, the chances for it to burst are high. The reason hides in the increase in pressure following an ice blockage in a pipe. Once a pipe bursts, you can easily guess the aftermath – damaged floors, carpets, as well as mildew developing from the water and moisture. Pipes that are exposed to cold air, which are usually exterior pipes either outside your house or in the attic for instance, are much more vulnerable and likely to burst during winter.

How to Prevent That from Happening?

You can do a simple test – turn on your faucet and see if water comes out. If not, do not delay a second more, and call an emergency plumber immediately. If by any chance a pipe bursts, turn off your main water valve right away. Once this is taken care of, make sure you keep your faucets open until the professional service plumber has completed all the necessary repairs.

If you want to be sure that none of that happens to you during the cold season, consult with a reliable specialist early and on time. If you have been looking for one – Marysville AA Plumbing is here for you! We will provide you with all the information you need to keep your pipes safe and your water running properly throughout the winter. You can contact our experts in Marysville, WA at (360) 857-0214, and book the service plumber you need to get your emergency situation solved!

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